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JAPS – Winner of Most Outstanding Group Awards – Inspired by their visit to RSPCA’s Mallydams Wood Centre

Last month, a group of girls from James Allen’s Prep School visited Mallydams Wood RSPCA rehabilitation centre as part of their Most Outstanding Group prize at the Roots & Shoots Awards. We were delighted to be able to take 18 girls, all of whom have proved to be hard workers in the ethos of making the world a better place.

When we arrived at the centre, we had a fantastic game of predator, where some of our girls went and hid in the woods, having left the odd clue behind for the seekers to follow! It was amazing how we could camouflage ourselves and vanish (as long as we kept still and didn’t giggle!)

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In the wood, we came across a few hidden boxes … All set for our next task! On a desert island, what would you do with some sand, a sock, some cotton wool, twine and a magnifying glass? ……the girls had to decide what to do with each item in a bid to survive ! Answers at the bottom!

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The highlight of our visit was seeing the RSPCA animals ….. The orphaned fox cubs, the seals in their pond (one with an infected flipper :(….. And some water birds. We saw the de-oiling centre …. where birds are brought if they have ended up in an oil slick. We didn’t see huge amounts of animals a which we were all quite glad about – as it showed that the centre didn’t have too many casualties or sick animals.

IMG_1021 copy IMG_1023 copy IMG_1027 copy IMG_1031 copy

It was a fantastic day, and the girls all loved their prize. Thank you so much RSPCA, Roots & Shoots, Tara, Jasmina and Dr Jane for giving us this inspiring day out. Since we returned to school, I have one 9 year old girl who has decided to be an animal rites lawyer and has gone vegetarian, another who has built a hedgehog house, and all our R & S club are now encouraging their parents to buy them ‘leaping bunny’ products! Every little helps!

Answer; use the sock and sand to filter your water, the twine can help make a shelter and the magnifying glass and cotton wool can light a fire!

Written by: Susie Raimes, Senior Teacher, Middle School James Allen’s Preparatory School

And here are a few of the Thank You letters, the girls sent to the RSPCA and the Roots & Shoots Teams! Thank you girls, we are delighted you enjoyed your well deserved prize!

letter 1 copy letter 2 copy letter 4 copy 2 letter 5 copy letter for RSPCA copy letter 6 copy letter 7 copy

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