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David Shepherd Wildlife Visit to TASIS

In May, Jo Elphick, from David Shepherd Wildlife, came to do a lesson with our Wildlife Club on endangered animals. As we had previously studied endangered animals, and made two endangered animal sculptures, we looked forward to hearing about the work that David Shepherd Wildlife does. We learned about pangolins, rhinos, painted dogs, elephants, and lions. We talked about ways that we can bring attention to others at school and at home about how these animals need our help and protection. Jo shared some of the work that David Shepherd is doing. He is a wildlife artist, and Jo had an art project for us to do.

Our project involved making lovely endangered animal collages. We then shared these with others to point out the need to help preserve them in the wild. We were able to give a donation to David Shepherd, as we are inspired by the work his organisation does in aiding animals that need our help.

We look forward to doing a fundraising project in the autumn and will ask Jo to return to share more information with us then.

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