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Fun summer fundraising ideas


Fundraising is a simple way you can help people, animals and the environment. Donating money to good causes and charities allows them to continue their important work, and raising the money in the first place can be fun!

We’ve collected a few fundraising ideas that are great for the summer, partly because we think they’re extra fun to do outside. Have a look, and let us know if you have any others!

1. Walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, skip-a-thon!

How about a sponsored something-a-thon? Whether you walk, skip, cycle, hop or three-legged-race, these are a great way to raise money.

2. (Make and) wear a hat to school

A home-made hat. Image by the National Ranger Service, US
A home-made hat. Image by the National Ranger Service, US

This can work for your class, but if you really want to make a splash then get the whole school involved! Rather than just wearing your own clothes to school, this is a chance to get really creative. Why not make it a competition? You can have different categories and themes, parade them in assembly, and have prizes for the most creative and impressive.





Plant sale. Image by Brewbooks, via Wikimedia Commons
Plant sale. Image by Brewbooks, via Wikimedia Commons

3. Plant sale

This one takes a little bit of preparation! Grown up some plants from seeds, pot them out and sell them at your School Fete to raise money for environmental charges. We suggest going for plants that pollinators love, because then they’ll not only look beautiful, they’ll be helping the environment too.






4. Create non-plastic carrier bags

How about working with a local shop or supermarket to offer reusable non-plastic carrier bags to their customers? Plastic Bag Jellyfish - from the Surfer's Against Sewage Break the Bag Habit CampaignFirst off, you’ll need to make some bags. You can either buy plain bags online and decorate them, or we’ve found a great method of turning old t-shirts into carrier bags online, and you don’t even need to sew to make it! You can sell the bags as an alternative to the disposable plastic bags that are often given out, raising money for charity and at the same time reducing pollution and waste.



5. Sponsored school (or beach) clean

beach-clean-006Clean up local environment AND raise money at the same time. All you need is some time, sturdy bin bags, thick and protective rubber gloves and some littler picking grabbers or sticks if you have them. You could even do it in fancy dress if you want to raise more money for charity.

Beach cleans are great for helping clean up the marine environment, though they can be a little trickier to organise. You might find it easier to find a local organised beach clean event to join. Surfers Against Sewerage and the Marine Conservation Society.

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