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Bumble bees and Honey Bees

We have spend the last couple of weeks looking at bees.

We have thought about what we already know about bees – that they sting, they are black and yellow and they ‘buzz’! We have also made bee pictures, tasted local honey and told each other when we eat honey – on our porriage, in ice cream and Vanessa has it in her tea.

On our wall is a chart from The Bumblebee Conservation Trust showing lots of different bumble bees. We have looked at their legs and wings and different coloured bottoms! The best bit is going outside, looking for bees in the wildflower meadow, in our local park and by the stream. There are lots of red tailed bumble bees near us.

Our recycling is going well, and we are aiming to expand into Aluminium next term.

Thanks x

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