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Wow wild flowers for free


Our our wild flowers have  begun to flower at last!

Back in May we were lucky to receive wild flower seeds from various kind organisations, such as seedball, meadow in my garden and grow wild. You can find them all on Twitter. Luckily they are more than happy to donate to schools and community groups.

We had enough for four raised beds and a patch under our pear tree, in our allotment and around our grounds.

The seed balls are especially easy for our younger two year olds to plant. We watered and observed the seeds grow, before becoming really tall and eventually flowering. The children especially loved the poppies and the cornflowers.

The best part for me as an educator was the amount of pollinators the children observed at work on the flowers. On a sunny day our mini meadows were full of bees and butterflies collecting pollen and nectar.

We had lots of super discussions, really cementing the children’s understanding as well as helping our environment to thrive.




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