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Roots & Shoots partners with Love Nature

Maintaining a genuine connection with Mother Nature is not easy for time-pressed parents.

A recent study found that in the UK alone 91% of parents think that having access to nature and wildlife is important for children, yet a whopping 78% of those same parents are concerned that their family don’t spend enough time interacting with the natural world.

At Love Nature, we want to help address this disconnect with the great outdoors and we’re starting with the two spaces every modern- day household frequents—TV and the Internet. We’re a brand new video streaming service, a little bit like Netflix or Amazon Prime, but we focus purely on the good stuff: informative, family friendly and eye-opening documentaries from all corners of our natural world and beyond.

Watching documentaries about little-known creatures, pressing environmental issues and wild regions is an amazing way to educate and to fill entire families with the enchanting magic of our majestic world—and to inspire the next generation to take up the principles of conservationism and the goodness that comes from drawing enjoyment from the great outdoors.

Roots & Shoots partners with Love Nature, Roku_app Roots & Shoots partners with Love Nature, Wild Orphans 2 Roots & Shoots partners with Love Nature, Zoo Juniors 1 Roots & Shoots partners with Love Nature, Zoo Juniors 2

But of course we think attuning young ones—and indeed the whole family—to the powerful rhythms of nature shouldn’t solely be done via a screen. That’s why we’re taking our commitment further, supporting and partnering with conservation organisations such as the Jane Goodall Institute to really help deliver meaningful change in the world of conservation and animal welfare. As a result, we’re pledging part of every Love Nature subscription straight to JGI to help continue all the excellent work they’re doing.

To celebrate this exciting new partnership, we’re extending supporters of JGI an exclusive opportunity…

…to become part of our community of nature lovers and to watch great new shows such as Norin’s Ark, Wild Orphans and Zoo Juniors – available via your Smart Television, Gaming Console or Connected Device*.

We’re offering a one month free trial to our video streaming service, followed by 3 months half price discount. All you have to do is go to follow the steps and enter the code LNJGIUK1 when prompted for your exclusive discount to the best nature documentaries on your TV and/or computer.

We’re also pleased to announce that Love Nature will be the main sponsor of the annual Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Awards in 2017.

Here’s to connecting with nature, supporting it and experiencing it all in its most stunning light, even on a school night.

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