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Fun events & outdoor activities for the summer holidays

Looking for something fun to do on your summer holidays? There are loads of brilliant free activities all across the country that you can join in with run by various organisations and charities. Not only will they get you outside and enjoying nature, they’re also perfect for learning about and appreciating the natural world!

We’ve found five fantastic organisations that are running everything from workshops to walks, and factsheets to ID guides. Whether you’re heading to the seaside or wandering in the woods, there’s something here to get you active and occupied. Have fun!

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Canal & River Trust

Canals and rivers are important habitats for wildlife. Everything from fish and insects to birds and plants thrive in these havens. What’s more, they’re just beautiful quiet areas to go for a walk and get away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

The Canal & River Trust is the charity that looks after these important areas. Run by volunteers and funded through donations, the work they do keeps these waterways clear, clean and in good condition, which important for the wildlife that lives there and the people who visit. They also produce activity sheets, the fun ‘Explorers’ games, and lots of brilliant events up and down the country including festivals, markets, floating fairs and the chance to explore some hidden gems.

National Trust

The National Trust are a charity that look after hundreds of important historical buildings and areas, from stately homes to Stonehenge, and also look after lots of important areas for wildlife including lots of the British coastline.

They’ve got absolutely loads of brilliant events on this summer, with something for every age group.

One of our favourite things is the National Trust’s ‘50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4‘ (though we’re enjoying doing them too, and we’re just a little bit over 11 3/4 – don’t tell anyone!). This is an amazing list of 50 skills, adventures, activities and more that will get everyone making the most of their summer.

The Wildlife Trusts

Heading to the seaside? The Wildlife Trusts have some brilliant guides to help you identify the amazing wildlife you can find by the sea. There are guides to rockpool wildlife, sea birds, jellyfish and more, plus guides on how to go rock pooling and word games you can play if the weather isn’t quite dry enough outside.

Coastal Wildlife Spotter by The Wildlife Trusts

Forestry Commission 

If you go down to the woods today…the chances are they’re looked after by the Forestry Commission. This organisation looks after huge swathes of woodland in the UK, managing the environment, using them for timber, but also leisure. The Forestry Commission open up lots of woods for the general public, with everything from walking paths to mountain biking tracks, Go Ape aerial adventures, sculpture trails and a whole lot more.

This summer, they’ve got lots of events happening up and down the country with walks, talks, craft events, trails, music and more! Sounds like a fantastic way to spend a summer!

Playing at a Go Ape centre, copyright Forestry Commission$file/Go-ape-junior-2014.jpg


Roots & Shoots UK

Don’t forget us! Lots of our Roots & Shoots Activities are perfect for doing over the summer holidays, such as our What Lives in Forests activity and the Make a Bee Friendly Garden activity.

Check back over the blog for even more ideas, such as our Summer Fundraising Ideas, Guerrilla Gardening Tips and Citizen Science Projects you can get involved in.

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