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Featured activity – Water: Audits and Pledges

This activity is one of our Dustbowl Activities, and is all about being aware of how much water we each use, and waste, every day.

The average person in the UK uses 153 litres of water per day! Lots of this goes on washing and flushing toilets, and lots more isWashing up water. Image copyright Quadell via Wikimedia Commons

wasted through tripping taps, overfilled kettles and other things. While it might seem like the UK gets a lot of rain, the truth is it’s not as simple as just collecting this water, and it takes a long time for underground water stores, called aquifers, to refill naturally.

This activity is all about looking at the amount of water you use, and what you can do to reduce this amount so if or when there are water shortages due to environmental change, we’ll be able to cope.



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