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TASIS’s Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR) Summer Update

In May 2015, two TASIS moms and their daughters, aged 12, traveled to Bucharest with their former teacher, Wendy Gediman for a long weekend working with the babies served by Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR). The girls were involved with Ms. Gediman in other Roots & Shoots projects. While the one family moved back to the US, the other mom and daughter arranged to come back to Romania this past summer. The young lady who moved back to the US, decided to fly over to join us! The girls are now 13 years old.

The young lady from the US worked hard at her school and in her community in Indiana to do fundraising for Romanian Children’s Relief. She raised an amazing $1,000, in a variety of creative ways. While she donated a portion of the money directly to RCR, she also brought money to go shopping for supplies for the children both in Bucharest and Bistrita. The UK student also bought a lot of supplies for the programs and donated money to help.

All involved had a fabulous time working with the babies in Bucharest. They also got to spend a day in a village eating traditional Romanian food at one of the Romanian staff worker’s home.

After leaving Bucharest, they all went by night train to Bistrita to take part in the various programs there. The girls loved getting to take the children in the placement center to the park, and then out to eat ice cream. The girls also visited the hospital program, a Roma after school program, and they also went to the home of Ms. Gediman’s goddaughter in a nearby village. There, they were introduced to newly born piglets, as well as chickens, dogs, and kittens (as well as bunica- grandma!).

Everyone really enjoyed their time exploring both locations where RCR has programs, and they also got to see real life in Romania. They loved their time in Romania with the children and the staff, and they cannot wait to come back!

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