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Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Peace Day Parade at TASIS – September 2016

UK– Following the lead of their hero—renowned primatologist Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE—Students from TASIS, Surrey hosted the 2016 UN International Day of Peace Parade on their school grounds, on Wednesday 21st September.

Students flew a beautiful white Peace Dove, created wonderful Peace Day posters and at the end of the Parade exchanged doves with meaningful messages written on them.

Dr. Goodall established Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Day of Peace in 2004 to encourage Roots & Shoots members and other interested individuals to promote peace in their communities and around the globe.  Members craft Giant Peace Dove Puppets from reused materials and fly the Doves in their communities to symbolize their commitment to peace. In past years, Giant Peace Dove Puppets have flown in almost 100 countries in city parks, backyards, convention centers and even refugee camps. Held high by young hands, the Doves have spread their wings everywhere including the Coliseum in Rome, a monastery in Mongolia, the base of Mount Fuji and even the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

“With so many challenges in the world today that stem from war and more recently terrorism, it is even more imperative that young people channel their energies towards positive activities that highlight the importance of peace and give them a sense of unity and collaboration in our society, as well as hope for the next generations” said Tara Golshan (Executive Director, Education).

These were the students’ thoughts on Peace:

“When I think of peace, I think of smiling faces.”

“Jedi are peacekeepers, you should be one too!”

“Peace is a cab that everyone can call.”

“If you want to make peace with your enemy, you will have to work together, and then you will become partners.”

“Love is life, but peace is more. We have wars of hate, but if we could just have peace, life would be perfect.”

“There is only one world, bring peace to it.”

“Peace is kindness, peace brings happiness.”

Wendy Gediman, who organised the parade said:

“On Wednesday, 21 September 2016, all of the children in the Lower and Middle School at TASIS gathered together in the morning to take part in the celebration of International Peace Day. Our mentor is Dr. Jane Goodall, who has taught us all so much about not only animals, but also about people, and their power to do good. We all spent time in our classes thinking about what peace means to us. Then, each child made a peace dove, with a message of peace written on it. 

It was a sunny, glorious morning. We all felt the power of peace as we gathered on the playground. The Roots & Shoots Wildlife Club members, along with my Year 6 class, led the parade with our lovely giant peace dove. The children sang the chorus of the “Circle the World” peace song as they paraded. Once the dove made its way through the crowd, we spoke a bit about what peace meant to us, especially as a school. Then, all of the children exchanged their doves, and smiles were on everyone’s faces. 

The celebration was simple, but deeply meaningful. We know that it is important to think about peace and the building blocks towards peace each and every day!”

“With the Peace Doves, we remind everyone of the truth they sometimes forget—that peace is possible. We celebrate all that is free and noble in the human spirit. And we celebrate all that so many people have done throughout the year—and will do next year—to create a better world” said Dr. Goodall.

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