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TASIS Garden Update

We have come back from a long summer to find that we have a lot of work to do in our garden. We have a plot that is overgrown, and we have begun to clear it. We found the odd vegetable amongst the tangle of growth, and we pulled out some carrots and red onions that look beautiful! Once we clear the area, we will plant new vegetables.

We also have to clear out our Wildlife Pond, as it is now over five years old, and needs to be relined and replanted. We will begin the big job of collecting the rocks and stones, and then digging up the overgrowth. This project will take a few months of work, and we hope to have a new pond ready to house a hedgehog we met when Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue visited us recently. The hedgehog we met is just a few months old, and was found needing medical care. He has only one eye, but he is perfect in every other way!

And then lastly, we were so happy to see that the apple tree that we planted back in February to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Roots & Shoots is growing beautifully. The tree is much bigger already. We call the tree, “Jane’s tree,” and we know that Jane Goodall would be proud of it!

Garden 2 Garden

Garden 3 R & S tree

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