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TASIS- Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue and David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Visits

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue volunteer, Nicky, came and spoke to our Roots & Shoots Wildlife Club the other week. She focused on protecting local wildlife. We learned about some wildlife that is in danger, and what we can do to help these animals. We also learned about different animal behaviors, which enabled us to better understand about the wildlife we share our community with.

Nicky brought a rescued hedgehog to share with us. He was just a few months old, and is now doing much better than when he was brought to Harper Asprey. He is missing an eye, but as we observed him, we realized that he just acts like a normal hedgehog. He is continuing to build up his strength, but he will have to winter with Harper Asprey. When he is ready to be released, we are hoping that he can come and live in our school garden amongst the hedges by our soon to be renovated Wildlife Pond!

The following week, we had a visit from Jo, who is the Education Manager from David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. She came to share the work that David Shepherd does with animals, which is more global than local wildlife. Specifically, Jo came to teach us all about the amazing and unique, pangolin. This beautiful animal is highly endangered due to humans killing them for food and what they believe is medical use. We know that it is not true that pangolins have any medicinal uses for humans, and we really wish that they could be left alone. David Shepherd is working hard at educating people about this animal, and in finding ways with the local populations in the pangolin’s habitat to protect them.

We think that these are such wonderful animals, and we will be producing a campaign at our school to educate the rest of the Lower School about pangolins. Then, we will be doing fundraising to aid in the work that David Shepherd is doing.

We all made our own mini pangolin habitat, complete with a colorful pangolin. We each went home with a new appreciation of an animal that few know much about!

Hedgehog 1 Hedgehog 2 Hedgehog 3 Hedgehog 4 Hedgehog 5 Pangolin 1 Pangolin 2 Pangolin 3 Pangolin 4 Pangolin 5

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