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Autumn means change

Autumn is a very exciting time for our children. We are so lucky to have a range of trees, animals and vegetables right outside our door.

We go out every day to observe how much our environment has changed, we handle and play with the leaves to make hedgehogs and hedgehog houses, we add to our bug hotel to keep our insects warm, we pick our fabulous pumpkins to make warming pumpkin soup for our snack and plant out onions and beans for winter food. We were also donated plenty of cooking apples from local gardens-add to local blackberries we enjoyed tasty crumble too.

Best of all was our conker fun, we were given a pile of super shiny conkers from our lovely eco visitor. We rolled them to observe variation of speed, counted and matched them to numbers, painted with them by rolling iin a tray, weighed them and used them in the mud kitchen. Children also talked about not having to use glass marbles or plastic cars down the chute, you can use resources from your doorstep.

We will next be making bird feeders to keep our resident sparrows fed and using up fallen apples to make apple jam.

Autumn really is a great time of year in Milford on sea!

Autumn sorting
Autumn sorting

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