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Pond in a bucket

Last term Primary 1 did a great job at looking after some tadpoles. Once they turned into froglets we decided that they needed a home. We built them a ‘Pond in a Bucket’ in our garden at school. We made sure it had lots of pond plants in the water and lots of ‘steps’ for them to jump in an out of the pond. Just before the summer holidays we set them free into the garden. They seemed to love jumping around in the bushes and the pond.

Since we have been back at school we have all been checking to see if we can spot them. They are very camouflaged and there are all sorts of great places for them hide as well as an even bigger pond. We haven’t spotted any of our frogs yet however, there are all sorts of other wildlife using our pond. We have spotted robins and squirrels having a drink and we even had a large rusty coloured toad come and visit. We have no idea where he came from!

IMG_2601 IMG_2602 IMG_2604

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