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Plastics / Litter assembly at JAPS

On 8th November, Ms Cooper, Miss Raimes and Mrs Lynn gave an assembly all about the effects of littering, with special focus on plastic in the ocean. We all learnt that the ocean sadly, is full of plastic…. and this is effecting sea birds and marine life. So we have all, as a school, decided try to reduce our plastic…..
Please talk to your parents about this topic at home…and maybe you could join in with us by trying to reduce your plastic! Below are some simple ways!

How can we help ?
Do not throw your litter on the ground
Recycle as much as you can
If you see litter that you think could endanger an animal, pick it up (maybe with gloves on, and dispose it !)
You could take part in a ‘beach clean’ or organise a ‘park litter sweep’.
Encourage your parents to buy loose vegetables and fruit (no plastic packaging)
If your Dad (or mum!) drinks beer, cut the plastic can holders…these can be dangerous if a turtle gets entangled in one….
Use a ‘bag for life’ when shopping.
Do you need to buy bottled water ? Use the water from the tap!

Mrs Lynn and Miss Raimes are going to go ‘plastic free’ next week….or at least, do their best ! Mrs Lynne will be writing a blog about her experience, and Miss Raimes will be using twitter to keep you up to date with how she is getting on.
They will be making sure they buy loose vegetables and other food NOT wrapped in plastic….. and doing their best not to use plastic bottles with shampoo etc …. (What will Miss Raimes’ hair be like at the end of the week ?!!!!!!!!!)


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