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Reasons for hope

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The start of a new year is always a hopeful time. It represents a fresh start, the chance to wipe the slate clean and begin again, to make those changes you always think about doing. It’s a hopeful time of year.

And now more than ever we need hope.

It’s easy to get down about things when there’s lots of bad news around. It’s easy to start to feel hopeless and disappearing, like whatever you do won’t make a difference.

But here’s the thing – it WILL make a difference and, importantly, you are not alone. You are part of Roots & Shoots, a movement that started 25 years ago by just one woman who inspired others. One person, Dr Jane Goodall, started a wave of interest, action and caring that gathered momentum, inspiring other people along the way who in turn inspired yet more. Now, there are Roots & Shoots groups in over 100 countries and more are being set up all the time.

projects by Roots & Shoots members worldwide

Dr Jane Goodall is a firm believer in the power of hope. It’s the title and subject of many of the books she has written and talks she has given. Hope is important. It keeps us going, it tells us that we can make a difference and we can make things better. With hope, we can achieve the seemingly impossible.

Over the last part of 2016 the Jane Goodall Instituted asked people to contribute their own #MyReasonsForHope. You can find some of their responses by searching that hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Some of those reasons have been listed in a beautiful article on the Jane Goodall Good For All website.

There are many inspirational reasons for hope listed, including how being part of Roots & Shoots has helped children connect and engage with the natural world, see its intrinsic value, and be inspired to help protect it.

And as for Dr Jane’s own reasons for hope?

“I have always believed in the unparalleled power of hope – now you have all shown us what hope means to you! We are going to accomplish so much together as long as we turn your hope into action. Will you join me and the Jane Goodall Institute as we celebrate 40 years of JGI taking these inspiring thoughts into #tomorrowandbeyond?

#MyReasonForHope is all of you.”

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