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Plastic Free Week follow up

So …. 2 months on from plastic free week , what have I done to cut down my plastic ?
Well – I ALWAYS use my ‘bags for life’ when shopping…. And quite a few of my friends were given a ‘bag for life’ for Christmas. I now try and use ‘Ecover’ products, and if you are smart, you can find shops where you can decant your washing liquid straight in to your old bottle ! I try very hard not to use the little plastic bags when I collect fruit and veg from the supermarket ….I either pop the veg straight in my basket, or use a little cloth bag.

The school has been very supportive of my plastic free week. AS a school we are about to launch our branded ‘keep cup’….. so that the girls and their parents can use these in the coffee shop and at lunch for soups and drinks. This will be a massive saving on the disposable cups that are used – and those wretched plastic lids. We are trying to reduce the bottled water – instead, if needed (for events) we try to use water in glass bottles. And our next mission – plastic disposable salad bowls to be replaced with a container that can be reused !

It has been a real eye-opener …. Challenge yourself to a plastic free week – and you might then be realise how we are so reliant on this material which has only been about for a few decades, but has had such an enormous effect on our environment, especially our oceans!

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