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ACS Cobham International School On-Campus Pond

Why the pond is important
Our on-campus pond has been used as an educational resource for many years. Science classes with students from each grade visit the pond to observe wildlife. It is also an important habitat and many creatures have been identified in our pond.

Pond expert visit
Mr. Jules Howard visited our school and we met him to discuss our pond and how we can keep it healthy. We’ve decided to take on board some of his feedback by keeping leaves out of the pond, skimming the surface, and planting fruit trees nearby.

Completed projects
So far, we have planted dog rose because it will attract pollinators and crab apple because it will attract birds and other animals. We planted the rest of the trees in a forested area near the pond. We have also raked leaves away from the pond and will look into buying some netting or chicken wire to keep others out.

Upcoming projects
Some upcoming projects we would like to complete are adding bird feeders to attract more birds, raking off the surface of the pond to get rid of duckweed and other invasive algae (being careful not to disturb the native creatures!), and adding netting to the surface of the pond.

Raising Awareness
We have created and collected various pieces of information (articles, posters, etc.) to raise awareness amongst students and teachers about Roots & Shoots, other environmental issues, and what we are doing to keep the pond healthy. We also have a blog which has updates about every project we complete and plan. The address is

Observing pond creatures
Observing pond creatures
After removing some leaves
After removing some leaves
Before raking leaves
Before raking leaves

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