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Chowbent Primary School Exciting Update

Chowbent Primary School has been very busy in the last couple of year.

This is what they’ve achieved


Completed by the school’s Eco Council. Over the last few years to make our school more inviting we got together and set up a gardening club. We met each week and planned different activities such as planting, tidying and planning a new school garden. After six weeks of hard work and dedication the school started to look more inviting. We added recycled rubbish into art and displayed on the from of the school. We added flower collages, tyre flower baskets and even a minion made from old tyres!

Wildlife friendly

The local council came in and helped us to design and make wooden bird boxes. We put bug hotel in the school garden along with a patch of wild flowers. We also made bird feeders and also have a watch the worm planter.Chowbent received an award from Jane Goodall who is the president of Roots and Shoots organisation. This was a national competition with over a thousand schools entering and we came third!

Linking to community

Atherton borough provided us with poppy seeds to plant and watch them grow. We also carried out community litter picks, writing to local businesses (who were the worst offenders) and the council to try and persuade them to recycle their rubbish.

Food growing and gardening clubs

Every year we grow strawberries, broad beans, apples and pears. We got the school cook involved to use these products in the kitchen. Out latest project is seed to soup which we are all extremely excited to start.

We are involed as a school with, Mr Haynes put the school forward a couple of years ago. They recycle Tassimo pods, coffee jars ,refill coffee bags, school pens,spray bottles ie kitchen and bathroom cleaner etc. We have a couple of collection boxes in school for all to use and batteries. When they are full we send them by Ups to their depot. Every bit helps.

FairTrade Sale

fair trade Sale Feb


Wonderful Green House




Any other information

Following our seed to soup idea we decided we needed a greenhouse. Even better since we are a Green Flag Eco School we thought to use recycled bottles to create a green house. Works starts soon, the finished green house’s roof and walls will be made entirely out of 2 litre pop bottles!

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