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Roots & Shoots around the World – Abu Dhabi update

Roots & Shoots is a global youth movement, which means there are young people like you all around the world organising projects, raising money, campaigning and more to help make things better for people, animals and the environment.

Our sister group, Roots & Shoots Abu Dhabi, have lots of great projects happening at the moment, and we’ve got a selection to share with you. We want you to know that whether your project is large or small, it does make a difference, and combined with all the projects running in Roots & Shoots groups all around the world, that adds up to a very big difference indeed!

The Arabian Stallion

The Arabian Stallion by Al Ain Academy, Abu Dhabi

The stallion is an iconic animal and the Al Ain Academy wanted to create an eye-catching model to celebrate the Abu Dhabi National Day. This amazing creation was made from recycled and reused material – everything from old polystyrene to construction helmets!


Waste of plenty is the resource of scarcity

Eat well and avoid waste was the message

Bright Riders School in Abu Dhabi ran a special event in celebration of World Food Day, as part of it’s global goal to achieve zero world hunger by 2030. Students learnt about the food they eat, how to eat well, how to avoid waste and how many people around the world don’t have enough to eat.

‘Our planet has enough to feed all the people, provided we don’t waste it by throwing away the food or taking more then what we can consume.’


Growing veg and learning skills

Some of the delicious crops grown by the group

The Bhavan school eco club – Natura – have been hard at work planting, cultivating and harvesting a wide range of vegetables. They’ve successfully grown everything from okra and tomatoes to chilli and melon, learning about farming and gardening as they do, and selling on their produce to staff.



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