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Worm investing!

We were more than happy to loan use of our allotment to Victoria, researching soil and insects from the Natural History Museum.

Victoria tested our soil, then left three traps-one in our wild flower area, one in our vegetable area and one in our strawberry patch.

The children had to leave those traps well alone until Victoria came back to check and remove them.

No worms unfortunately were found, the children discussed that the worms were either deep underground keeping warm (like the frogs in the pond) or had checked into the bug hotel!!

However, they did observe some black beetles and enjoyed watching the process, a real insight into a scientific project. We are looking forward to seeing her results from various areas.

Since early January, the soil has  already started warming up, so the children have been digging up the earthworms and counting them for Victoria! They haven’t forgotten her visit and are keen to keep helping! We can now spot the differences, thanks to resources from worm watch. Who says worms are all the same?!




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