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SJNCC Raising Awareness is the Aim!

The main goal of the Fair Trade Group is to raise awareness of the Fair Trade Foundation to students at a young age. We aim to make students, parents and teachers care about the impact that this wonderful charity has on so many lives.

We want to make sure that not only are we raising funds but we’re making a difference to the way the future generation shops.

Awareness-raising is an important part of developing support for our Fair Trade Group. There is evidence that campaigns, posters and speeches can change knowledge and attitudes.

Our campaigns are always focused on tangible issues that are the most important. We focus primarily on how Fair Trade is a way of trading which helps people who farm or make goods in developing countries sell their products at a fair price.

Our awareness campaigns this term include events, poster campaigns, documentaries, newspaper articles, video clips and assemblies.

Pictured below is a Fair Trade Poster which was designed by Tabrek in year 9. This poster is to promote the Fair Trade Group and the role that consumers have.

Keep an eye out on our blog to find out more!

Tabrek's Fair Trade Poster- Whole Tabrek's Fair Trade Poster

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