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Empowering girls in Uganda with AFFCAD UK’s Give a Girl a Future Project

AFFCAD UK’s ‘Give a Girl a Future’ project helps take girls off the streets of Bwaise and help them towards a safe and successful future. In the slums of Kampala, girls as young as 11 are forced to sell themselves on the streets in order to earn money – just 5 pence per client. These girls are often homeless, and are extremely vulnerable to abuse and disease. Our Give a Girl a Future project offers 6 girls a safe and comfortable home, which we purchased and furnished fully, and offers them vocational training at BYEC, in careers such as hairdressing and tailoring. These girls are supported and encouraged as they learn a new trade which will provide them with a sustainable income for life, ensuring they will never again be forced into sex work.

The girls graduate their vocational courses Liz with the girls! The girls are gifted Sewing Machines

The first group of girls have now finished their vocational training courses – some are starting their own businesses and others have been given jobs as tailors in the AFFCAD shop! We gifted them some sewing machines to help them on their paths to success and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on their progress!

The project has, safe to say, changed the lives of these young women and we’re working hard to fundraise so that the next group of girls can benefit, too. It’s very important to us that girls everywhere have a chance to feel empowered so we hope that by doing our bit with the Give a Girl a Future Project, we will help put an end to gender inequality and poverty worldwide.

Emily Loynes

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