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What we’ve done so far


The idea of AFFCAD UK arose in September 2014. Later that year, we officially launched the charity. One of the first events, Project Lucky Stars, raised £671 for AFFCAD Children’s Christmas Party. Overall we were able to send an astonishing £1039 to a school, which was announced by a whole school phone call with Uganda.

To fund a sustainable chicken farm in Bwaise, a song “Challenges” was recorded and released on February 2nd for Project Chicken Feed, reaching no.1 in iTunes world music charts the same day. It was featured on the front page of South London Press, and a week later, ITV Westcountry News even covered the project.

Due to the incredible work carried out by AFFCAD, our director Liz Parker received the British Citizen of the Year Award Winner for Charities and Overseas Work. Last year, a fundraising event was hosted in which students from our school collectively ran 1035 miles- the distance all the way to Africa! Later on in 2016, a Fair Trade learning project started at our school.

In October 2015 it was announced that AFFCAD had raised a total of £12,709 since the launch. We have come a long way since, and are planning many projects in the future!


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