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Art Week – Recycling theme

For our Art Week, Dulwich Prep London’s Pre-Prep took inspiration from an environmental campaign called #Street2Sea. It taught us about the harm that our litter does to sea life, highlighting that 80% of litter in the sea comes from what we drop on the land.

An artist called ‘Moose’ created pavement art around Kings Cross railway station, decorating the pavement with sea creatures. He watched people drop litter in the street and then used this rubbish in his pictures – it destroys the artwork but shows everyone the awful impact that litter has on the marine environment.

This made us think hard about reusing and recycling our rubbish, especially plastic, and think about the effect our actions have on the planet. We brought into school lots of plastic rubbish and upcycled it into fish that we decorated with shiny crisp packets and plastic bags. We hung them from the ceiling of our corridor to illustrate the amount of rubbish in our seas and what it is doing to our sea life. This has made us all think about the amount of rubbish we create and how we can recycle or reuse it properly.

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