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Fairtrade personality quiz!

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, SJNCC are doing everything they can to promote ethical consumerism. The Fair Trade Group created a fun Fairtrade product quiz for our visiting primary school students to take.

Have a look below and see which product you are!

What Fairtrade product are you?!

On a normal day, you wake up and decide to wear…

  1. Something bright that stands out from the crowd!
  2. Jeans with a super cute&funny tee <3
  4. Anything I could do sport in

When it comes to music you are…

  1. The alternative kid
  2. Happy uplifting pop
  3. Soothing soft classical
  4. Anything upbeat and energetic

You notice a fight happening in the playground, what’s the first thing you do?

  1. I run in and try to calm it down with my winning smile and exotic personality XD
  2. I go get an adult or teacher immediately- I do hate violence :’(
  3. Stay where I am- I’m too lazy to go get involved

In your free time you like to…

  1. Whatever really… like volunteering I guess J
  2. I’m on call 24/7 for all my friends !

And finally, when you grow up you would like to…

  1. Do anything that helps others
  2. Something designy or artsy <3
  3. Easy please
  4. Something that always has me on my feet



Mostly A’s: BANANAS!! banana

You are bright happy and constantly smiling! You stand out from the crowd and don’t care what people think. If people know what’s good for them, they should drop everything to spend as much time as possible time with you J

Mostly B’s: CHOCOLATE <3 chocolate

My goodness you’re a sweetie. You are probably a super smooth talker and quite the charmer .It would be hard to find anyone on this entire planet who doesn’t like you. You are sweet, adorable and super generous!

Mostly C’s: COTTON!! cotton

You are super chill. Yeah ok, you’re a bit of a softie, but what’s so great about you is how down to earth and relatable you are. Like your good pal banana, you don’t care what anyone thinks. You might not realise it, but you are a necessity in so many people’s lives!

Mostly D’s: COFFEE XD coffee

You have so much energy- maybe too much! People are drawn to how motivating, inspiring and determined you are. You are strong-willed and are great at holding your ground. You’re up for anything, anywhere at any time!

Thank you for taking this quiz, be sure to buy fairtrade!


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