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Roots & Shoots Awards – Adventure Extrodinaire!

Four very excited children from Balgreen Primary School had a bit of an adventure last week! We were very lucky to be invited to the Roots & Shoots Awards all the way in London! We jumped on the 6am flight from Edinburgh to London and for a couple of us this was the very first time we had been on a plane, let alone to London! It was very exciting! As Kenan said once we had arrived, ‘this is a once in a lifetime day!’

We then headed to the Barbican to set up our display of all the Roots & Shoots work Balgreen has been busy doing. It was great to see the amazing things other schools have been up to, it has really inspired us to do even more at Balgreen! Sharing all of our hard work with Jane was incredible, and receiving an award from her was a moment we will all remember.

 After the awards we even had time to quickly zoom around all of the sights in London before catching our flight back up to Scotland. Even Mr H Junior enjoyed the flight.

What an incredible day! We can’t wait to continue with our Roots & Shoots projects and share them with you all!

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