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Fairtrade Fortnight

At Sir Jonathan North Community College we celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight throughout lessons.

Students were informed that sometimes the Fairtrade Group has to persuade people to buy products off of their stall as the prices are higher than some of the food that the canteen sells. The lessons plenary asks students to answer the following question ‘do you think it is worth the additional cost?’ on a cut out shaped as a banana. These were then displayed on a freestanding board in the main reception so that all visitors, teachers and students are able to see the answers.


Have a look at a close up below. The answers will bring a smile to your face!

IMG_0192 IMG_0193

IMG_0194 IMG_0195

“Yes because people work really hard but they aren’t getting paid fairly. This isn’t right!”

“Yes because it helps the earth longterm.”

“Yes, you are saving lives by just spending a few pence more.”

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