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RSPB Global Extinction Appeal

Europe is home to 90% of the global puffin population but their numbers are declining due to invasive rats on their islands and climate change affecting their food source, the sand eel.

The RSPB are raising money to help protect the puffins by managing their islands, protecting them from rats and by setting up marine protected areas.

As part of the last Citizenship Day, Year 7 students designed an advertising campaign for the Global Extinction Appeal. This raised awareness of this important endangered species whilst teaching students important business enterprise skills.

The Eco Schools club has also worked hard on Wednesday’s lunchtimes and in 3 working parties after school to make Christmas decorations for the Christmas Fair. We made recycled rolled paper decorations and wooden decorations and also ran a guess the name of the puffin contest. IDSCF2139 DSCF2144

In total the group raised £81 towards the appeal.

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