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Penny War!! Huh War, What is it good for? Collecting pennies for Fairtrade!

During Fairtrade Fortnight SJNCC ran a Citizenship lesson on Fairtrade. This took place for all year 8 students in their Humanities lessons. This was designed to coincide with Fairtrade Fortnight and the theme ‘it’s time to put Fairtrade in your Break!’ This year’s event challenged students to try Fairtrade products on their break time – from chocolate bars and bananas to homemade goodies.


Their homework following this lesson was in two parts. Firstly, students were encouraged to motivate as many of their friends, family and teachers to put Fairtrade in their break! The second part of their homework was to raise money for the Fairtrade Foundation themselves. Each student was equipped with an A4 envelope which they were asked to collect penny coins in up until Friday 17 March with all of the money raised given to the Fairtrade Foundation. In total year 8 raised £265 in pennies over two weeks. Well done to Humanities Group 8HU3 who collectively raised £62.43

We were aiming to encourage students to be positive and proactive in making a change to the world we live in. This structured the profile of, and demonstrated the importance of, being an active citizen of the world who is responsible for making small changes today which when combined with others will have a big impact on the future of tomorrow.

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