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Be The Change Volunteer Trip Scholarship

Congratulations to Naomi Clarke- Myers in 9.5 who successfully applied for a sought-after scholarship ran by the WE charity which only 30 students across the UK are chosen to participate in. Naomi used her experiences gained through the Fairtrade Group as evidence in her application form where she outlined how she has contributed to the community, how she can contribute to the trip and a variety challenging questions about her character. Naomi also had to write a creative piece which was based on the importance of ethical consumerism and the value of Fairtrade products. Naomi will be travelling to Rajasthan in India, for free, over the summer. She will be one of the volunteers who will stay in a rural village and will help to build either a school or a well. She will also be able to participate in interactive workshops which explore global issues.

IMG_0119Naomi Clarke-Myers alongside Dr Jane Goodall at the Roots & Shoots Awards ceremony.

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