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23 ways to go wild (and help the environment too!)

We love the great outdoors and we know that we’re not the only ones!

Being outside, in nature, surrounded by plants and animals, is well known for being good for the body and mind. Researchers have shown that spending time outside is good for mental health, reducing stress, increasing creativity and increasing our connection with nature.

In fact, spending time in nature is so good for you that in Japan it’s known as Shinrin-Yoko Forest Therapy, which means ‘forest bathing’ – we love the sound of that!

If you do too, then why not get involved in #30DaysWild, a brilliant idea by The Wildlife Trusts that aims to get all of us outside and enjoying (and helping) nature every day in June.

They’ve even got a free pack you can get to help everyone at home, your school or your work involved, so there are no excuses.

To get you started on your wild adventure, we’ve put together a list of ways to get wild this June. Don’t forget to share your wild adventures with us on Facebook and Twitter!

There are lots of ways you can get involved in #30DaysWild...and here are a few ideas of our own!
There are lots of ways you can get involved in #30DaysWild…and here are a few ideas of our own!

23 ways to go wild this June

  1. Eat your lunch outside and enjoy the sunshine!
  2. Walk to school or work the greenest way you can, through parks and gardens.
  3. Plant some seeds.
  4. Watch a nature documentary.
  5. Try meat-free Mondays.
  6. Learn about one species of British plant or animal that you didn’t know about before.
  7. Volunteer for a wildlife charity.
  8. Go beachcombing (but don’t take anything home apart from your litter!)
  9. Visit a National Park or beautiful garden.
  10. Join or organise a beach clean.
  11. Try growing your own food, like some tomatoes or potatoes.
  12. Go on a minibeast safari in your own back garden or local park.
  13. Organise a bioblitz.
  14. Dip your toes in the sea.
  15. Draw a wildlife inspired picture.
  16. Forage for your dinner.
  17. Hug a tree.
  18. Make your garden bee-friendly.
  19. Watch the sunset.
  20. Read a wildlife magazine.
  21. Go wild camping.
  22. Explore the wild places in your neighbourhood.
  23. Make some seedbombs.

Don’t forget to follow #30DaysWild on Twitter, use the hashtag on all your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and don’t forget to share your wild ideas and experiences ›with us!

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