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Featured activity: create a radio/tv advert for Fairtrade

This activity is one of our People Activities, and is all about Fairtrade. Your students may have seen the Fairtrade logo on food packages in the shops, but do they know what it means, and how the shopping choices they make can help people around the world?

Fairtrade display in foyer
Fairtrade display in foyer

Around the world many farmers and workers don’t get paid enough wages to live on, so although they work hard, they still live in poverty.

Not only will this activity will help your students find out more about Fairtrade, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to get creative! Create a poster, a radio advert or even and tv advert that will help encourage other students and their families to shop Fairtrade. You don’t even need high-tech equipment: most mobile phones have cameras or recording devices which are perfect, and there are loads of free video and audio editing apps available online.

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