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Animal’s lives matter, documentary film by Dibjeet Kaur


Theme: Animal’s lives matter

The documentary I have created focuses upon the issues of animal cruelty and the way animals/creatures/other species are being used for the benefit and successes of humans rather than being able to live a peaceful life of their own. In this video I have aimed to outline the way we ruin numerous lives of animals each and every day while continuing with our daily lives and actions, not acknowledging the fact of how the many routines we have become attached to could be creating a greater impact on Earth. Many of us do not realise the harm we may be causing to other lives that have the right to lead the life they have been given, in their own freedom rather than having to be controlled by a more ‘superior’ or ‘civilised’ species. I have included some of the main topics of ways in which we exploit the lives of other animals such as:

-Meat consuming

-Factory farms and slaughterhouses

-Animal testing

-Animal hunting

Through these topics I have used my voice to raise awareness about how we could be creating change towards the little routines we follow in our daily lives so that we could create a positive impact on this planet rather than a negative. It is important to realise that the world does not evolve around us as we are just something a part of this every-growing planet so why is it that we take the responsibility to choose what happens with the lives of other creatures?

I have always been extremely passionate about natural geography and the fantastic diverse life that survives on Earth today. Being grown up as a vegetarian and finally becoming aware of how being a vegetarian could be saving many lives has inspired me to make other’s aware of all the other food options to choose from in substitution of the slaughtered meat so many consume today. The fact that humans are so advanced in comparison to all other animals yet still kill for selfish desires has completely inspired me to create this documentary so that I can be raising more awareness of how we may be harming the world. Learning about battery-caged farming in school and suddenly becoming more aware of the ‘behind- the- scenes’ of all the wonderful items we consume from supermarkets, as well as researching more about this topic found me creating a documentary to tell the world how one change made by us could change the world in so many amazing and different ways.

Note: I have used some images from Google as not having access to take pictures or film these incidences. All film material shown in the rest of the documentary has purely been filmed by me.

Documentary created by Dibjeet Kaur, students SJNCC

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