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Some of our favourite Jane Goodall videos

Dr Jane Goodall travels the world spreading her message of hope and empowerment, and encouraging others to change their lives to help people, animals and the environment…

…and along the way, she’s made many television, film, video and radio appearances. After all, she is one of the worlds leading conservationists and primatologists.

So we’ve gathered together some of our favourite videos of Dr Jane Goodall in action for you to enjoy.

Dr Jane Goodall and Bill Maher

Dr Jane Goodall appeared on Real Time, a major US television progamme, with host Bill Maher back in 2015. Of course, Dr Jane has many important things to say, but it’s also a wonderfully funny appearance!


A birthday tribute by National Geographic

To celebrate Dr Goodall’s 80th birthday in 2014, National Geographic magazine released this beautiful video that encapsulates her life and work.

Dr Jane Goodall’s TED talk

TED talks are influential, amazing, inspirational events by some of the world’s most fascinating people, and of course Dr Jane Goodall is amongst that number. Her TED talk looked at what separates us from chimpanzees, and you can watch it on the TED website.


A retrospective by National Geographic

And finally, another great video by National Geographic. This is a retrospective of her life and work…however, as it was made in 2010, we’re sure there’s lots more to add now!



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