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David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation- Protecting Snow Leopards

Twice a year, Jo Elphick, from David Shepherd Wildlife comes to work with our TASIS Roots & Shoots students. Her speciality is teaching the children about endangered animals, especially those that David Shepherd Wildlife works to help in their native land. This visit was a lesson on snow leopards. These beautiful animals are very endangered, and it is important to help the children understand why they are endangered and how we can all help to improve their status.

Jo gave us a detailed presentation and engaged the students in lively conversation. Then, Jo passed out supplies that she brought with her to enable the children to make little habitats for their own created snow leopard. The children took delight in thinking about what type of habitat this majestic animal lives in, and then how to draw a snow leopard. In the end, each child produced a lovely piece of art, representing an animal they now feel they understand. Our group even is going to adopt a snow leopard, as this can be done through David Shepherd to fund work that they do to help preserve them in their native habitat.

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