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Peace Day 2017 At TASIS

This year, once again, all Lower School and Middle School students met outside on the 21st of September to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace, led by our Roots & Shoots members. We got out our giant Peace Dove, reattached the wings, and suddenly it came to life. The dove was help up by members of the Lower School and Middle School Roots & Shoots Club, and everybody brought out a handmade peace dove with a beautiful message of peace.

After the parade with the giant Peace Dove, with all of Middle School standing down one side of our playing field, and Lower School standing on the other side, it was time to exchange doves. While children were singing, One Song, One Song for All of Us, the official Peace Day song, they made their way to find someone to give their doves to. It was beautiful to watch faces light up as messages were read. What a beautiful way to share and to remember that we are all part of a beautiful big world.

Through our efforts and our caring for each other, this world will become a more peaceful place.

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