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Roots & Shoots UK: summer 2017 Instagram highlights

We’ve rounded up some highlights from our Roots & Shoots Instagram account to share with you. It’s been an amazing summer, with adventures with Dr Jane Goodall, some great projects, activities and talks from Roots & Shoots groups, and of course the amazing Roots & Shoots Annual Summit, which saw representatives from 22 countries meet to discuss, plan and inspire.

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The Roots & Shoots Annual Summit

This year, the UK hosted delegates from 22 countries at Windsor Castle where they spent 5 days discussing, planning and inspiring each other alongside Dr Jane Goodall. They’ll be taking their world-changing plans back to their countries, and also working together as part of the Roots & Shoots global family.

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Snow leopards at TASIS

Students at TASIS learnt all about the beautiful, mysterious and sadly endangered snow leopard. We love how inspired they were!

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Following Mr H Junior’s adventures

We love Mr H, the adored little chap that travels everywhere with Dr Jane Goodall. But we also love Mr H Junior! If you have a Mr H Junior yourself, why not take him on your travels, involve him with your Roots & Shoots projects, introduce him to the interesting and exciting people you meet or help him explore different environments. Then take a picture, and either add it to your Instagram account with the hashtag #MrHJunior or send it over to us. We’d love to see how far Mr H Junior can travel!

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Vision Aid Assembly

Spring Hill Eco Palls organised and presented an excellent assembly about Vision Aid, a charity that works to help rehabilitate the visually impaired.

“Vision-Aid’s mission is to help those who suffer from vision-related disabilities in under-served areas to lead lives of independence and dignity. More than 40 million people in the world are blind, and more than 120 million people have significant Low Vision conditions that cannot be corrected, cured, or treated by conventional refraction, medicine, or surgery. And unfortunately, this number is only going to grow: the World Health Organization expects the blind and Low Vision population to double by the year 2020. Vision-Aid is an organization dedicated to helping those afflicted by vision-related disabilities in India.”

The group collected over 120 pairs of old glasses which will be sent to the charity to help people in poorer countries.

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Celebrating International Day of Peace

September 21st is the International Day of Peace, organised by the United Nations.

The theme for 2017 was “Together for peace: respect, safety and dignity for all.”

Dr Jane Goodall herself was invited to celebrate at the United Nations.

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And here in the UK Chowbent Primary School celebrated by making many little doves and one great big one!

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