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Bug Hotel at TASIS

TASIS Roots & Shoots Wildlife Club members decided to build a bug hotel for our school garden. We thought that this would not only be a good home for insects to live in, but it would be a good place for animals, such as a hedgehog to find food! We are hoping to have two rescued hedgehogs come and live in our garden in the spring, after their winter hibernation.

We spoke to our head gardener, Paula, and she helped us by getting some pallets and old tiles together for us. We then all collected items at home, such as pinecones, fallen leaves, dried flowers, and sticks.

The pallets were stacked, with wood or bricks holding them in place, leaving a space between them. The students then filled the openings with all of the things that they brought in. Paula helped us look around the garden for fallen branches, sand, and anything else we could add to the structure. Soon, we had a wonderful hotel built! We just need to add the roof, which we will do in two days. Then, we will have our hotel open for business, hoping to find some wonderful residents to come and stay!

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