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‘Jane’ by National Geographic

Can you imagine was life was like for Dr Jane Goodall when, as a 26-year-old woman, she first journeyed to Gombe to begin her research into the chimpanzees that lived there?


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She spent many years integrating herself within the chimpanzee troop that lived there, learning about their lives and getting to know each individual. She wasn’t a trained scientist at that time, but her dedication to discovering more about these amazing animals led her to observations about their behaviours that no-one else had ever discovered.

A brand new documentary film, ‘Jane’ has been produced by National Geographic using over 100 hours of film shot in those early days at Gombe. A beautiful musical score and narration by Dr Goodall herself, using diaries and notes from the time, bring to stunning life her life and work, and you can see the passion she has for helping chimpanzees, and that led to her dedication to helping people, animals and the environment.

‘Jane’ was first screened at an incredible event at the Hollywood Bowl in the USA, with a live orchestra playing the soundtrack. Dr Jane herself was of course there.

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The film ‘Jane’ will be available to watch in selected cinemas in the UK from the 24th of November. The distributor is Dogwoof, so keep an eye on it’s website for news about screening times and locations.

It will be showing at the Curzon Bloomsbury cinema on Friday 24th November at 6.30pm.

Find out more about the film on National Geographic. You can also read the special article that accompanies it in National Geographic magazine, available in shops now.


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