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Kasper Steyn Wins Roots & Shoots Lorax competition

Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax is a show that has a whole host of colourful puppet characters from Bar-ba-loot Bears and Humming Fish to Swomee-Swans and Truffula Trees.

We’ve asked our members to create their own puppet from the World of The Lorax. It was hard to pick a Winner, but Kasper Steyn from Dulwich Prep London, and his puppet Lumi stole our hearts.

“Kasper’s puppet is called Lumi (the Albanian word for River).

He is the guardian of the rivers and everything that lives in it.

He lives in a cave in the river; his cave is musty and moist.

He eats riverweed.

He really likes to tag with the fish.

He is like Poseidon, he has a trident, he is funny like the Lorax, and he is kind and cool under pressure.

His best friend is the Lorax, his favourite colour is dark blue, and his favourite book is “Go Home, River!”

Kasper and Lumi

Kasper’s prize for creating his own puppet, was tickets to attend The Lorax Show and Dr Jane Goodall’s talk after. Kasper got to hang out back stage with both The Lorax and Dr Jane. The three of them seems to get on really well.

Photo credit Manuel Harlan

Thank you Kasper for creating such a wonderful puppet!!

the Roots & Shoots Team

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