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STEM Citizen Science Club – Zooniverse

This year we have a brand new club STEM Citizen Science at Ringwood School and together we explore the online platform of Zooniverse that hosts a variety of international projects that any member of the public can help in.

The club kicked off with a fantastic first project – Chimp and See – and together we have discovered footage taken from trigger cameras based around the Congo and helped identify a variety of species and behaviours for the scientists in charge of the project.

There is such a lovely atmosphere in the room as students excitedly talk about their videos and helping each other decide what exact species they’re seeing. The project feature of being able to save their favourite videos is a great touch as students are able to show friends and family what they’ve been doing later at home that day.

It’s so enthralling to know that we are the very first ones to be watching the footage and thanks to our help the scientists will be able to further their research and ultimately help in the protection of the chimpanzees. It’s a great example of the impact a citizen scientist can have and proof to the students that in such a big world they can make a difference.

What has been most exciting of all is that after we tweeted out that we were working on the project – the scientist’s tweeted us back! This is social media at its very best and it helps further connect our involvement to such a huge international project.

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