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Heath land Reclaimation

The BTEC Animal Care students of Central Bedfordshire College have teamed up with the staff of Rushmere Country Park to reclaim heath land.  Heath land is the UK’s most endangered habitat; lack of appropriate site management, and recreational & urban disturbance have threatened our local heath.  Our students spent several Fridays surveying the area, removing encroaching plants, and gathering and scattering heather seeds.  We anticipate a new, healthy stand of heather in the spring, and believe that with continued efforts, we may see the return of endangered Nightjars to the area.

Rushmere Country Park is a unique asset for Bedfordshire and offers residents and visitors a welcome break in a country setting.  As we worked at Rushmere, several members of the public stopped to enquire about the project and to comment on how the site was looking much better.

We plan to run a fund raiser in January to aid Greensand Trust in purchasing more heath land locally.  It is exciting to play a part in conserving this endangered habitat.

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