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Andover CofE Primary School Looking after nature, wildlife and people

We have been working with Andover Trees United (ATU) for 6 years. Every year we receive trees which pupils plant in our school tree nursery bed, we look after them across the year and dig them up a year later to plant in Andover’s new community woodland: Harmony Woods. We ensure that the soil in the nursery beds stays healthy by digging in compost which is made commercially from local garden waste, thus completing the cycle: garden plants – garden waste – compost – soil to grow new plants, our young trees. The children learn about the importance of trees and contribute to local nature and increased biodiversity as the new woodland supports skylarks, wildflowers and butterflies in increasing numbers.

As part of our environmental work, we also ensure that students have the opportunity to attend Plant-for-the-Planet Academies where they train as Climate Justice Ambassadors. Our students go on to give presentations not only to their peers but to influential adults in the local community and help to run their own Academies where new Ambassadors are trained. In this way, more and more people are made aware of the Climate Crisis, how it affects people unfairly across the globe and how planting trees can make a real difference.

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