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The Voice of the Earth

We had to share this beautiful poem written by Nabiha Naomi.

Nabiha Naomi is a student at the Bangladesh School in Abu Dhabi, and part of Roots & Shoots Abu Dhabi. She performed the poem before Dr Jane Goodall herself at the recent Roots & Shoots Abu Dhabi Awards 2018, and it’s a though-provoking piece.

There are all sorts of ways you can help encourage people to value and help the world. Sometimes art and poetry can be the perfect way to connect with people.

What would your poem be about?

Planet Earth shot by Nasa

The Voice of the Earth

by Nabiha Naomi, Grade 8, Bangladesh School

Read out at the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Abu Dhabi Awards 2018 


Do you not see the raging storms

Do you not feel the rising heat

My frozen lands are losing their form

Their inhabitants are losing their home

I was created for you

To sustain and shelter you

Now it’s your turn

To move towards sustainability

In abundance the sun shines

In abundance the rivers flow

In abundance the winds blow

Use these that I freely provide

You put me on hold

Not just for you but your children too

Together let us move forward

Generation to generation

To save,


And survive.

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