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Damers First School – Delphis Eco Turtle

Delphis Eco is a 100% eco friendly cleaning product made from plants.   We have been using the product in school for 2 years. It is the UK Number 1 Ecological Cleaning Product.
Our Delphis Eco Turtle has been launched to staff and parents. We have already had  a really good response. Damers Eco Crew will be selling Delphis Eco Cleaning products every Monday and Thursday after school in the courtyard.
Damers Eco Crew sell Antibacterial Cleaner, Multipurpose Cleaner, Washroom Cleaner. We have some reusable bottles – the first post consumer recycled plastic bottles in the UK, made from recycled plastic milk bottles –  that can be purchased for £1 then a squirt in this 750ml cleaning bottle will cost £1. A total of £2 to start up then £1 after that every time you need to refill.  When at home you just fill the bottle with water and it is ready to use.  As well as parents and members of the community doing their bit for the environment they will be helping to raise some money for the school outside area/gardens.
Damers Eco Crew welcomed The Prince of Wales First School to Damers to see how the Turtle worked after they had switched their cleaning products to Delphis Eco. After seeing our Turtle in action they have now bought one for their school.

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