Recycling Cartridges/Toners on Poundbury

Damers Eco Crew from Damers First School have signed up to Empties Please, a website which recycles ink printing cartridges as well as toners for money which the school will receive. This initiative also reduces on landfill waste by recycling.

The Eco Crew have also persuade the Store Manager at Poundbury Waitrose, Jeremy Board, to have an Empties Please cartridge and toner white collection box in his store. The Poundbury Community can now put their empties in the box and do their bit for the environment as well as raising some money for the school.

Handelsbanken, ZeroC, Parkers Property, Meyers Estate Agent, RPS Energy, Wallis, Dorset Cereals, PNRP Ltd and all the businesses in Prospect House have sign up to support the school by donating their empty toner and printing cartridges. The Cartridges and toners have rasied £201 so far since starting in Septmeber.

We already collect writing instruments  and biscuits wrappers as well.

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