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Special Visit to Clarence House

Four children from Damers First School have just been on a very exciting trip to London to celebrate Damers Eco Crew’s achievement of winning two National Young Enterprise Awards for their unique, environmentally friendly, multi-purpose cleaning product ‘Spick ‘n’ Span’. The day was organised by Mark Jankovich, CEO of Delphis Eco. Delphis Eco produces the Number 1 ecological cleaning product in the UK. Their product is made from plant based materials. During National Recycling Week they launched the first ever Post Consumer 100% Recycled Plastic Bottle. The children had the chance to meet Mark and share their views on plastic bottles as well as ask Mark lots of questions. Mark presented the Damers children with the second ever box of 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles. The first box had gone to Sir David Attenborough! Mark Jankovich wrote a blog about Damers eco work with video clips of the children’s views about plastic bottles. The children then went off for their very special reward and a visit to Clarence House. This was so special as the House is only open to the public during August. The children had a talk from Prince Charles’s Sustainability Officer about all the Prince’s eco work and the children talked about all the eco work they had done at school. They then had a tour of the house and were able to sit on the furniture and handle some items. There were many pictures of the royal family especially the Queen Mother, a solid silver model of  Nelson’s flagship,The Victory, and  a piano that Sir Elton John had played. The garden had beehives (the children discovered that Prince Charles likes honey in his tea), a huge vegetable patch, compost, bug hotels and a huge range of different plants.

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