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Animal Care cohort at Central Bedfordshire College

The BTEC Level 2 Animal Care cohort at Central Bedfordshire College has been very active this year. We studied conservation and improvement of British habitats, and then did some practical application of this knowledge. We completed a scatter survey of the flora and fauna of the heathland at Lord’s Hill in Rushmere Country Park. Following that, we worked on a heathland reclamation project in the same area and removed invasive species, harvested and scattered seeds for the local variety of heath. We are following this up with a fund raising event on 28/2/18 to benefit Greensand Trust in their effort to purchase more heathland for conservation.

Additionally, we have studied how to care for animals: housing, feeding, health and well-being; as well as basic biology and animal behaviour. We have applied this information in our work at Abbott’s View Alpaca farm where we have performed basic care and feeding, provided enrichment, administered preventative treatments. Abbott’s View is known in the area for providing a high standard of care and has been featured in Country Smallholding magazine. They also run a “barefoot” livery and luxury cattery.

We have visited the RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre to explore future employment possibilities. And plan to attend other centres later this year.

As a group, these students show a dedication to animals in their personal as well as their student lives. In response to watching the film, Blackfish, students set up a Facebook page to discourage others from going and supporting the unethical treatment of animals. Students volunteer in a variety of animal organisations. Some walk dogs at a local dog rescue, others work at a goat rescue charity, some volunteer for their local vet, and still others volunteer with Riding for the Disabled.

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