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Get ready for the Roots & Shoots Awards 2018

On the 9th of March, we’ll be celebrating the annual Roots & Shoots Awards in the beautiful Barbican centre in Central London.

The Awards are a celebration of the achievements of our amazing Roots & Shoots groups who’ve campaigned, researched, raised money, made positive changes, raised awareness and worked as teams and individuals to help people, animals and the environment.

We’ll be joined by 13 schools from across the country, plus a very special guest school; the American Community School who will be joining us all the way from Abu Dhabi and are part of our Roots & Shoots Twinning Programme.

And of course, Dr Jane Goodall herself will be there to celebrate and inspire us.

Dr Jane Goodall is looking forward to meeting you all! Photo by Roger Marks

What, where and when

Date: 9th March 2018

Location: Barbican, Central London.


Follow the action!

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As ever, we’ll be posting up loads of pictures, videos and info from the Awards as they happen, and we’d love you to get involved.

If you’re coming to the Awards, make sure you use the following hashtags and @mention Roots & Shoots in your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts and Instagram Stories. We’ll repost as many as we can! If you can’t make it, follow the hashtags and our accounts to keep up to date with the latest developments and join in the celebration from afar!

Twitter: @JaneGoodallUK

Instagram: @janegoodalluk


Hashtag: #RSAwards2018 – for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


The highlights

There’s going to be so much going on to look forward to it’s hard to know where to start!

Firstly, our Roots & Shoots groups will have lots of displays up showcasing the projects they have been working on, which are guaranteed to give you inspiration and hope.

We’ll be looking forward to the Awards Ceremony where the winners of each category will be announced.

A huge highlight for us all will be Dr. Jane Goodall herself who will take the stage during the awards ceremony to share her wise words with us all.

Some great Trashion from the Awards in 2017. Photo by Roger Marks

Another highlight we’re looking forward to is the Ethical Fashion Show, where we’ll all get to see what eye-catching style can be created with waste material and a helping of creativity.

We can’t wait!


The Awards

  • General Awards – Broze, Silver and Gold
  • The Jane Goodall Award for Individual Endeavour
  • Most Outstanding Photograph Award
  • Most Outstanding Group Award
  • Most Outstanding Group in Touch With Nature Award

Visit our Awards page to find out more about the criteria for each award.


Welcome to our Roots & Shoots Groups

Students at the Awards in 2017 had a brilliant time! Photo by Roger Marks

We’re going to be joined by a whopping 13 Roots & Shoots groups and we can’t wait to meet them all and congratulate them on the amazing work they’ve been doing.

The groups are:

  1. Portway Junior School
  2. Rookwood School
  3. Andover Church of England Primary School
  4. Harrow Way Community School
  5. Appleshaw St Peter’s CofE Primary School
  6. Hounsdown School
  7. Accrington Spring Hill Community Primary School
  8. Children’s Hospital School
  9. Central Bedfordshire College
  10. Damers First School
  11. Somervale School
  12. Chester Wild
  13. Downton Church of England VA Primary School


Our AMAZING sponsors

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our amazing Awards Sponsors who make this all possible!

Proudly supporting the Roots & Shoots Ethical Fashion Show are main sponsors People Tree, plus Lush, Green Bay Supermarket and Bulldog.

Quest Overseas are sponsoring the prestigious Jane Goodall Award for Individual Endeavour.

Huge thanks to National Geographic Kids who are sponsoring the Most Outstanding Photograph, encouraging the next generation of wildlife photographers and documentary film makers.

The RSPCA has kindly sponsored the Most Outstanding Group Award – thank you!

Another fantastic organisation, Kew Gardens, has sponsored the Most Outstanding Group in Touch With Nature Award through its Grow Wild Programme – thank you!


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